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I was out  side when start raining elyer today  I had no idea it was going to do that  so I did not war a jacket so yea I think that how I get my cold
  • Mood: Anguish
ok so any yugiho fans out  there pslese common  I wood like it you can  read  my firned animewatchers186 yugioh storys she rally good ones

like Just When We Thought it Was Over 
In the Mind of Yuzu
My Name is Robin
and more :)
so pelse  if you guys can read her stuff it wood mean lot to me and her ;)
  • Mood: Joy

jackie; this wont take long i know your not good fighter madison
madison; ya will iv inproed my fighting skill sence the last time your about to find out  what i can do i may nto

beat you but i  can at last war you down so others can take you
magic sword come to me bliazzed she yelled snrt force if ice and snow at jackie

jackie;ahghhhhhhhhhhhh she yelled
jackie; stornger then you look not that it metters brat

madison;am no brat i do what can can to sotp you safe sakura and the others she said punching jackie in the face then kciknig her

madison;falme wave she yelled sneting head  wave at her
jackie; what aufgggghh

jackie; that burns how did  lirna that kind if magic
max; kim give her and melin magic useing her book

jackie; o yes i shoudl knowing
kim mom, yes to think the weeker haff my duaghter could  get that storng not that i care

i my ture  dguther here with me her dark haff is my ture dughter i was happy when she
split form her good haff now we have ben gine  offcer to win

max; now there is reozn way we never want afer future eli if wer to beat him then  them there be know in future to keep the spell ine ffact need to keep the time lien for catching up

you know if chgined past you chgined the future the magic we take form   future poploe to  gone so  we leave him be

madison;hi am right beyhidn you jackie she said punching her  to ground
jackie;hahahahahhaa she laguhed

madison; what so funny
jackie; iv ben toying with you madison i had no ieda you war this powerfull  now i know i cant beat you with level

if pwoer am usieng now but if i use my full power i can defeat you
madison;what your holding back no way  your lieing

jackie; am i your about to find out
max;iv all reday planed  head incase my team fails for  2 new hidden members just wighting one if them is some

one they never wood gussed they have face agian
i was suuirpsied my slef when find about them

makie; toby i will defeat you
toby; you mean you wish you could defeat me but that just it you cant and  wont eb able to

makie; take this toby Bombus Globus she yelled
toby;wha aughhhhhhhhhhhhh he yelled

makie; am not fisnhed yet she she yelled punching toby in the face then kicknig him
toby; you litlte brat you think you  defeat me

makie; yes i do she yelled kicknig toby in the stomach
toby;urk he yelled spiting

makie; give it up toby you cant win she yeleld throwing him on ground blasting with with anther attack
toby; play time over brat he yelled punching makie in her stomach

makie; urk she yelled spiting
toby;there more where that come form he said punching her in the face the kneeing her in the stomach

maike; my stomach she yelled spiting
toby; whats worng maike is that fight not so easy now

maike; i never said it wood  be easy
jackie;darkness mairor

madison;  here i come she said punching jackie but she disapped
madison;wha where did she go now

jackie; you hit my shadow brat  she said grabing madison hair punching her in the stomach and face
madison; oaugh she yelled spiting

jackie; what worng madiosn is this your best she said kneeing madiosn in  her stomach and elbowing her in the stomach

madison; o my stomach she yelled spiting
jackie; your about to lose

madiosn; i wont lose to you
jackie;its all reday to late  brat  she said punching madiosn harder in her stomach

madison: aurgh she yelled as her month opened s he coguhed up tons if spit
jackie; i think it about to we finsh this madiosn you put good fight but now its over shadow force ropes

shadow force ropes she yelled
madison;what no not this time ice she swnetin ice otu sowrd to frezze the ropes

jackie; dam brat  she yelle hting madison in back if her neck

jackie; now lots try this agian shadow force red ropes she yelled
madison; no sotp she yeleld as her arms legs war tightly bound in red ropes

madison; lot me go  domb ropes
jackie; i win madiosn she said puting her hand over madison month

madison;Mmmmph hmm hmmph mmph MMMMMM!!!".she yelled as swat run down her face as she started to feel week

maike; madiosn no hold on am coming
toby; no your not brat  he yelled elbowing her in the stomach

maike; urk
maike; fine i will deal with you fist Capturing Rope she yellled

toby;nice move i think paly long to revgne shadow force he yelled
maike;wha she said as her own roped wapred around her arms tightley

toby; now to finsh this shadow force red red rapes he yelled  as more ropes wapred aorund makie arms and legs
maike; the ropes are to tight i cant get free

jackie;it over for you brat she said takeing the rest if madison magic form her
the she taped madison month shut remvoeed her sheos and socks off her feet and madison eyes want blank

as she hit the gournd
jackie; yes madiosn has made me stornger

toby; my turn he said puting his hand over maike month
maike; Mmmmph hmm hmmph mmph MMMMMM!!!".she yelled feeling week

toby; yes  jsut bit mroe kid
maike;Mmmmph hmm hmmph mmph MMMMMM!!!".she yelled agian

toby; and it,s finshed he said takeing the rest if  maike magic for her then he taped her month shut and removed her shoes and socks off her feet as makie eyes wnat blank and she hit the gournd

max;ok now then the next fights will be Mana and Seira, vs  dark kim and her mom
saria; you pay for all eivl you down and it iwl be us that stops you

mana;you wont be  takeing any mroe magic
dark kim; as if brats you will lose to us

kim mom; you cant defeat  us  as week as you are hahahahaaha
max; soon you will lose your magic and be brainwashed
magical adventures part 12 ch12
will here,s the next part  things are not looking good for are heroes huh will they all be defeated in the end   and just who are the two hidden team memebers if max team you wilo find out some time later


pelsese call me leo chan
United States
I was out  side when start raining elyer today  I had no idea it was going to do that  so I did not war a jacket so yea I think that how I get my cold
  • Mood: Anguish

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