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I read that  in roder to get  johto starts utmeum mvoes  you  you ge tthem throe pokemon bank witch did then it  womon in pokemon bnak said she senting them to pokemon link

will how dos that work fi any neos tell me I don't no hwo ti works
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magicle aduvhnrue chapter 19
lucy vs tuhsa the fianl chapter

:lucy:  dont you get it tuhsa your being used your farhter dont ture pwoers if  orignal king if darkness he wekeer then you are that way he said he stlel your magic form you if you lose

tusha; shut up  brat am going to defeat you she yelled punching lucy in the stomach
lucy; urk my stomach that it  you going down she yelled kicking tasha in the face
tusha; augh  she spit

tusha; you brat you wont win this fight she yelled pulling lucy hair kneeing her in the stomach then hitng her in the face

lucy; oaugh o my stomach it hurts  dont think you win
tusha; am just about to darkness infrono she yelled

lucy; i dont think so gate if maigc she yelled   sucking the blast in hoel then senting right back at tusha

tusha;aughhhhhhhhhhhhhh dam it how did she do that how can i be lsoeing to some week feel
lucy; am not week flameing canon she yelled blasitng tusha to ground

tusha; aughhhh  you  ltitle  that hrut that rally hrut  iv head it with you i wont be defeated here she yelled elbowing lucy in the stomach the hiting her in back if the neck how  

tusha; you like that one  am not finshed yet hse yelled htiing lucy harder in her stomach
lucy; oagh that hurt i cant lose here if i do  then there be no one lif tot sotp you two

tusha; she to buys holding her sotmach in pain to  have her gard up nice better end this befor it to late shadow for ropes

lucy; what no you dont your not tieing me up windd force she yelled sending the ropes back at

tusha; what she cant no she yelled as arm legs wad bound in rope
tusha; the ropes are to tight i cant broke free

Diavolo; will looks you have lsot my dughter  and that in ttle me to take your magic form you secne you faield to take lucy he siad puting her ovee tusha mouth

tusha;mhphpmmhphmp she yeleld as he stell al her magic and taped tusha motuh shut and her eyes want blank she hit floor

lucy; how coudl you do that to your own dughter just for that am  ending this right now   super flamein lighting blaster she yelled

Diavolo; what no way she cant he yelled
lucy; now  to seal you way she yelled

Diavolo ;nooooooooooo
lucy; now what was stelling  may nwo retuen she chated as maigc was retuen to  ohters hah

hah huff huff i did it
in hour later

sakura; what happen  how we get are pwoers back
sernea; amy is it rally you

amy; yes it me it ben long time
lucy; i safed you all

kim; thanks now way dont have some fan here
sernea; it wont be that easy rember delong is stell out there

kim; that means he go after others i will go ungle know me the will
serena; then i will hlep you get there

sakura jr;sure you sure you be hlep things ?
kim; yes i am sure  trust me uncle his down osme cazy sutff in has old age  then   when

meet him he hlep me at time  by try seal my ohter slef way he  telpotoey idd that so in retuen

i made him young agian for hleping me  i was able get bak to him in time befor my other slef take over but you all redya know what happen after that  and now that aprt me long gone

but ya  uncle will be mroe power full now that he young ocne hlep him others we sould be sotp them i lto you know how things go

sernea'; will then lot try have fun this time for real now for i can tury call youy all my firneds lots go have some fun here then I come with you to unvure  hong out for bit

you can join me amy

ARNTLE ENDING  NOW side note this ending happens in anhter unvurse
tusha; nice try brat but i wont  get traped by own attack shadow rewind she yelled

sentig ropes right back at lucy  
tusha; and to make make they trap you shaodw force dubble ropes she yelled

lucy; there to fast no she yelled as her arms legs war bind in ropes
lucy; untie me right now she yelled sutglgeing

tusha; you failed  she rmeove lucy shoes and socks off her feet then puting her hand over lucy motuh

lucy;hpmhpmhpmhphm she yelled as her swat want down her as tusha stell haff her magic
tusha; dont worry kid it nary over  hahahah she lguhed stlel rest if lucy maigc then she

taped lucy mouth shut lucy want eyes bank as she hit floor
tusha; hahahaah i did  i win  now am stornger then ever  now  it time  brianwahs lucy so

she join the ohters to
Diavolo; then we can do what ever we want no one will stand in are way

tusha; about what you said elayer farhter  you war jokeing right you wont have take my magic form me if had los tot  lucy wood you

Diavolo; now way wood do that beside you win any way she was to week to sotp you
tusha; thanks to lcuy i  can now do mroe with my powers then ever befor o how wighted to

ben stoengst femlake maigcly user there is  now it fianly happened
o i be talek your glove and shoes lucy tey wood look much better on me she lughed
magicle aduvnruse part 19 ch 19
willit fianly here the fianly part if this sieres I may later do 1 shot chapter to show  what they do on there fun tirp  stuff but that later when I say 1 shot I mean 1 shot  mean 1 chapter only and now that end fi this sieres I giveit ym all there noting more I can do now

howver this not end for my oc kim and serne they apper aigan in my Jackie chan story witch  set up doing this story arc
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tormwowow I will be retuening home  was going to retuen home  yesday but deside to stay longer then I desid to stya ocne more day witch si today so tormwow I will return home
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 I ben gone form  wansday tell Monday as I am going on vacation to mt hood  I may stya in exta dya if so then  it be tesday I will retuen

I may not have  itnenet up there so if you don't see me then  you see me get back in a week
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pelsese call me leo chan
United States
I read that  in roder to get  johto starts utmeum mvoes  you  you ge tthem throe pokemon bank witch did then it  womon in pokemon bnak said she senting them to pokemon link

will how dos that work fi any neos tell me I don't no hwo ti works
  • Mood: Joy

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