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woke up wirth cold

I don't like colds at all
  • Mood: Anguish

Mana; look this gone to far you have to be sotp  you may think you power but we will stop you
Seira, stelling magic form others is wrong dont you get ine nd you will lsoe  

dark kim; not this last time i udnersmtined my foes i try take them all down at the some time but this time am samrt now that ben 2 month secne split part for my good haff  i

know fully understand how contorl my powers we will defeat you right mom
selina;yes we i wighted long time i know with right push you wood be be splti form her  this time we will defeat all them

seria. lots start this fight then just try stop this one icy bow arrow she yelled shoting as dark kim
dark kim.i see so your master if ice magic will then i know just how deal with you shadow lava force she yelled

burning the  blow and the arrows up
seria; no i udnerrestnemied her

dark kim;yea that right you did brat she yelled punching seria in her stomach and face
seria;urk she yelled spiting my stomach

seria; ok that it you will pay for that she yelled kicking at dark kim howver she grabing her foot
seria;wha how did she

dark kim; this how you kick some one brat  she said kicking seria in here face then eblowing her in her stomach
seria; guh she yelled spiting

seria;how cna she  be so powerfull my maigc is usnless aguast her

dark kim;so way not give up make it easy on your slef brat she yelled kneeing  seria in her stomach  then htiing seria right in back if her neck

seria; urk she yeleld spiting
dark kim; your no fun at all am going to end this now shadow force banages she yelled

seria; o no she yelled geting tied up
Mana; seria no

selina; i wood be more worryed about yor slef brat soon you to will be traped she said punching  mana in her stomach

mana; urk she yelled spiting
selina; come on give me good fight brat she said punching mana in her face

mana; that dos it time i show what kidn maigc i can use
selina; i dont think so she  kicking mana in her back

selina;gtive it up she yeleld kciknig mana; in the stomach and face

selina; just give ups o  end this
mana;never  i will never give up

selina;fine then  she yelled kicking mana to ground
selina; am ending this right now shadow force ropes she yelled

mana;no sotp it
selina; now you lose she said puting her hand over mana month

dark kim; now your turn brat she puting her hand over seria mouth

seria; mpmhhmpmhp
soon dark kim and selina take all if mana seria magic and tape there mouths shut as there eyes go blank they fell

to gorund
Nodoka .Ringo Akai Ookami, Ryouko it are turn now this  we will stop you

max; hahahahaha what luagh  jackie toby blair there all yours make short work them  we ben wosting to much time i want take over all reday

jackie; yes sir we will sotp them
toby; you can cont on it

blair; i give them 3 mins top then they lose
davis;will who step up after them i will fight

max; o yes davis i see you turey want test your lmtis  mybe oen if them will at last giver you good show befor they lose soon we will fianly be able take this no one i mean no one cans otp us

sheroan jr; you think so  will your worng and davis i iwll take you on and i will win
davis; will hoop you put up goods fight befor you lose i dont want fight some push over brat i make you join your sister on the flloor
magical adneture part 13
sorry for long time way but am back
ok so I think am close to getting over it  am sweting it out off on today
  • Mood: Joy


pelsese call me leo chan
United States
woke up wirth cold

I don't like colds at all
  • Mood: Anguish

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